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Sensor Development

RTK-GNSS using rtklib

Build an RTK-GNSS Receiver using a Beagle Board, custom designed GNSS Receiver and rtklib. In robotics and agriculture centimeter precision in an outdoor environment can be crucial for a wide variety of different tasks. But with a starting price around 20000€ for the cheap systems RTK-GNSS is not an option for many projects.

Using the hardware already mentioned, an RTK-GNSS Receiver can be built for around 800$.

At the moment we need 2 lightweight and cheap RTK-GNSS Receivers in Hohenheim, one for a model plane and one for a new robot called Armadillo 2. Port SAFAR to Linux and to use Player/Stage instead of MRDS


GPS module with raw data
model Specification Price Link
NV08C-CSM 44,96€ Farnell
Processor board
model Specification Price Link
BEAGLEBONE BLACK 39,71 € Farnell
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