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Internship - DTU

This description is for the internship of Kim and Lasse.

Assignments, Description of work

There will be XX main tasks

  1. Preperation of autonomous platforms
  2. Start design and contruction of new autonomous platform, the JD-tractor

Preperation of autonomous platforms


  1. Update Mobotware to the latest version (linux knowledge)
    1. Smr image cloned.
      1. update plugins - copy lib files
      2. update config files for rhd (kim) and mrc(claes) to match hako
        1. rhd add to conf: logitech controller
      3. connections between webpages and hakoclient, mrc and rhd
      4. new label for networkcard (dhcp) should read
      5. setup webserver to run hakoclient website
      6. - Setup network
      7. reinstall CAN HW
        1. Lincan v.0.3.5 was installed, tested and found to be working.
      8. Re-write the hakocan plugin to function with the new drivers. Not nesserary after all
  2. Reassemble Linak aktuator. (DONE)
  3. Update RHD Hako-plugin to send keep-alive signal to the ESX.(c-programming)
    1. (Kim) The plugin sent the keep-alive signal on the wrong port. This has been corrected.
  4. Test the hako after the update (linux/MobotWare knowledge)
    1. After the update and reinstall of software, the hako was taken on a small test run (4. dec) and was working.
    2. In determministic mode
    3. In reactive mode
  5. A start up script has been writen for starting rhd,mrc,hakoclient Programs must be manually started
  6. wrote new startup instructions.
  7. write a user guide to starting the hako, starting programs, making a missionfile and running the hako.


  1. New computer
    1. Assemble all parts and fit them in casing. All HW is already here.
    2. Install Ubuntu 13.04 and all HW drivers
    3. Install Mobotware
  2. Update firmware on motorcontrollers
    1. Test the closed-loop speed command on the controllers
    2. update RHD plugin with open and closed-loop options


  1. RS485 to usb converter
  2. 2 new motorcontrollers

JD tractor

  1. make steering autonomous
    1. add the steering to the ECU on the tractor
  2. Start documentaiton on the internal wiki
  1. Optional: New computer for the JD
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