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How to make a back up of the database

1. Open webpage:

2. Login for backup:
Datenbank: 440ejournals
Benutzer: 440ejournals
To get Passwort: write a mail to Claes (
Choose DB-Server: “” in dropdownbox

3. Press “440eJournals (115)” in the left side, in the menu.

4. Click on the “Export”-tab in the top

5. An “Export”-box appears and you can “Select All / Unselect All”. Choose Select all

6. The radio button SQL has to be selected

7. In the bottom it says: “File name template”, fill out the name fx “OJS_DB_verX”

8. For “Compression:” choose “zipped”

9. Press GO

10. A zip-file is created, store it where it is wanted

11. Log out: in the left top, there is a little green icon with “Exit”

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