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Delete an article from system

If not published

As an Editor:
1. Click the article in Review/Editor part or click “Editor” and find article
2. Press “Symmary” in top
3. Find “Status”, between “Editors” and “Submission data”
4. Click once at “Reject and archine submission”
5. Then it is possible to send an e-mail, “skip e-mail”
6. Now it says “Restore to active list”, DON'T click this!
7. Press “Editor” in the top
8. Press “Archives” (under “submission”)
9. Find the article and delete it in the right side of the page

If published

As an Editor:
1. Press “User home”
2. Press “Editor”
3. Press “Back issue” under the headline “Issue”
4. Find the issue for your article and find the article
5. Click the tick in remove colum for the article
6. Click SAVE
(Now the article is unpublished and has to be removed as an unpublished)

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