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Back up System files

Ask Claes, when by e-mail:

Open a terminal and write:
1. ssh (press ENTER)
2. The Password (to get password write an e-mail to Claes:
3. [this step is only first time you login] yes (press ENTER)
4. cd PROJ-440ejournals/ (big letters with PROJ) (press ENTER)
5. cd public (press ENTER)
6. tar -cf backupVer0X.tar * (press ENTER) (wait for the file to be produced)
The “backupVer0X.tar” is the name of the file you want. The x could be the number of the back up.
7. ls (press ENTER) to make sure the file is there
8. Remove the file from the server to your computer or common drive (or else it takes up space on the server).

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