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Upload an article

1. Registre as an Author and login

2. If the article is in German, choose German page

3. Go to “User home”, in german: “Persönliche Startseite”

4. Press “New submission” or “Neuer Beitrag”

5. Choose if it is an “Article” or “Miscellanies” (“Vermischtes”). Press SAVE

6. Choose the article/file from your own computer/drive. Press “UPLOAD”/“HOCHLADEN” and then SAVE

7. Write name of Author, the title and the abstract. Press SAVE

8. Press save 2 times and then you see this screen:

9. Press “Click here”/“Hier klicken”, then you skip the review and editing process

10. In the part “Zeitliche Planung” you choose the issue for the article, press “protokollieren”

11. Now the article is saved and you can upload another article

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