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ZigBee Based Wireless Sensor Networks in Precision Agriculture

Contact: Dimitris Paraforos

Master Thesis Link to the description on the DTUBase


According to predictions by the Global Agricultural Productivity Report™ in 2011 between now and 2050, the global population will grow by more than 2.3 billion people, and agricultural output will have to double to provide the necessary food, feed, fibre and fuel to meet the needs of the growing world population in a sustainable manner. Precision agriculture, i.e., the optimal management of all crop production factors in time and space, is a paradigm which can contribute towards this goal. Precision Agricilture requires many soil and crop related information in order for the right decision to be taken in every step. All these information must be transferred from sensors that are on site to a central computer at farm’s office for post processing or at a vehicle moving in the field for real-time application.

Aim and Objectives

The aim of the current MSc Thesis is to investigate the possibility of data transmission from sensors related to agricultural practise through a wireless sensor network (WSN). A WSN comprises of a number of node-devices, where each node contains a radio frequency (RF) communication transceiver, a processing unit (microcontroller), sensors and a power source (batteries). All data should be sent to a remote server which can be a Farm Management Information System (FMIS) with Decision Support System (DSS) capabilities.


Basic knowledge on Software, Electronics, Measurements and Data Analysis.

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