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Starting MobotWare



RTAI not installed

Make sure you started the RTAI kernal before atempting to do this

Initialize RTAI by running the script, as sudo, It is located /home/frobobox/MobotWare/

sudo ./

This will load the modules needed from RTAI.

Check that they are loaded with


Start MobotWare

Each program needs to run in it own terminal

  1. Reset the motorcontrollers. Check that all E-stopbuttons are released, then push the green reset button.
  2. Start the RHD
    Start RHD in the folder with the configuration file for the current robot. In case of the Armadillo it is

    Start it with the command

    rhd rhdconfig.rtq.xml


  3. Start the MRC
    Make sure you have have a calib folder where you are starting the MRC. It is in

    Start MRC with the command

    mrc -t1
  4. Start a Telnet client
    Start a telnet-client with the command
    telnet localhost 31001

    if you are running it on the Frobobox.

Hako Tractor

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