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RoboTeq Motor Controller Plugin

This plugin cannot be used together with the SMRD-Serial plugin, because they use the same variables between the RHD and MRC. There are no other know compatability issues with other plugins.

Gear ratio

The gearing for the Armadillo is calculated based on the beltmodules. The gearing is calculated directly in the plugin so it is easy to make changes to the gearing. It can be considered to set the gearing via RHD-config file, bu the gearing should not change that often, so that may be a bad idea.

Speed Calculations

With the current configuration the speed is given in $\frac{cm}{s}$. This is recalculated with $$v_{in}/100=v_{actual}$$

Angular and Linear velocity

The relation between the linear speed and angular velocity is given by $v = r*\omega$ where $r$ is the radius of the circle and $\omega$ is the anguler velocity.

To change $\omega$ from RPM to $rad/s$ the following converson is done $$1 RPM = 1\frac{rev}{min}*2\pi\frac{rad}{min}*\frac{1}{60}\frac{min}{s}=\frac{\pi}{30}\frac{rad}{s} $$

This constant is called $\frac{\pi}{30}\frac{rad}{s}=\Theta$

The angular velocity from the motor to the drivewheel is defines by $\omega=G*m_{RPM}$, $G=$ Gear Ratio

Combine the above formulas and you get the following

$$v=r*\Theta*G*m_{RPM} → m_{RPM}=\frac{v}{r*\Theta*G}$$

Change RPM to control value



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