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3D Mosaic

Vision Group

From left: Jörn, Dejan, Florian, Hans-Werner, thomas and Claes



Notes for Claes so he can remember which papers he should write!

  1. ECPA, Vincent, Jörn, Micha and I → platform
  2. Eviva, Jörn and I - something with LIDAR
  3. LIDAR with Jörn, Adana, part 1 - Sensors
  4. LIDAR/Cam, Jörn, Vincent, Claes, Potsdam, part 2 - Sensors
  5. Mapping in Adana, Claes

Data for Aviva

Data has been removed because storage problems. Contact Claes if you need it

Click the links to download the data files. The files are tar.gz but it shoul be possible to extract them with winrar, winzip or similar programs.

Adana data (70 Mb). Here is both the horizontal and vertical laser data, together with the GNSS data for each row. The GNSS file is in the folder for each row. The PNTL strings are wrong, so use only the GGA. In the horizontal data row 2 and 3 are not there. I don´t know why, I some how did not notice until I had to use the data.

The programs used for loggin in Potsdam where different that why the files are bigger. There are only GGA sting in the gps files. I have not found error like in the horizontal adana data.

Potsdam data, cherry(164 Mb).

Potsdam data, plum(108 Mb).

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