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John Deere Projects

Implement steere by wire/Electrical Steering

To control the tractor via software we need to implement an electrical steering. In the course ALV a group has suggested different solutions for this project, we suggest to follow their recommandations.

The goal is to control the steering via the CAN-Bus on the tractor.

Control of all tractor functions via CAN-Bus

We need to be able to control all functions of the tractor via the CAN-Bus. If the functions is not implemented, it has to be implemented.

  • CVT
  • RPM
  • Steering
  • Light
  • Horn
  • Front and rear hitch
  • 2WD/4WD

The next step is to connect a computer with control software(MobotWare/FroboMind) to the CAN-Bus and program the interface (Based on the Hako plugin).

Implement odometry on the tractor

Sensors for the selected kinematic model; either Ackermann or Bicycle (currently the bicycle model are beeing used). We need

  • Steering angle on both front wheels.
  • Encoder on all drive-wheels or the shaft.
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