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Student Research Projects


Hohenheim Project Ideas

Isobus on hako/armadillo

Isobus implement control

Closed loop con in ecu command from Navigation pc

Cloud Level Decision System

Create a Decision System that can determine what data is needed to draw a conclusion about different plants.

This is both the developemnet of the data analysis needed to make the decisions, and implementing the decision system.

small starter robots

ATB Project Ideas

LIDAR development

High resolution LIDAR for tree scanning

Soil tester

Design a soil-tester for the Armadillo Scout. Drawings are currently being made at TU Berlin.

Integrate result in the SenGIS database for further analysis.

FroboMind/MobotWare for TU Berlin robot

Implement existing robotsoftware on the TU Berlin robot.

Testing of ATB NDVI Camera

SenGIS would like to test the camera as they do with a lot of other sensors. In order to compare the sensors.

Using renewable energy in agriculture

  • Using solar power to charge armadillo scout.
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