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MobotWare Project Ideas

In row navigation with laserscanner and Kinect

Short Description

Create a plugin for MobotWare in AuRobotServers that enables a robot to follow rows of crop plants in fields using a LIDAR and/or Kinect


In agriculture the robots can not just follw the shortest route to a waypoint. They have to follow the rows of crop in the field so they do not damage the crop and thereby reduce the yield.

The robot should be able to navigate in the field during differet growth stages of the crop.

This can be solved with a real-time feedback control, which can correct the position of the robot when it is navigating in the field.

At the moment there are two possible solution, 1) using a kinect, 2) using a LiDAR.

There are advanteges and disadvanteges with both sensor, therefor a solution for each sensor, or a combination is preferred. When the plants are very small it is very difficult to detect them with a LiDAR. When operation outdoors the Kinect may not be stable.

MobotWare User Interface

Continue the work started by Thomas Parkhøi

Thomas Parkhøi wrote the BSc Thesis Robot mission manager GUI with sugguestions for updating the UI for the hako client.

These updates should be finished and tested.

MobotWare for LegoMindstorms NXT

Create a firmware for Legomindstorms so it is possible to program them using SMRCL and/or a highlevel controller program connect to the mindstorm via Bluetooth.

  • Firmware for running SMRCL
  • Drives for the sensors
    • Both native Lego sensors and third party sensors.

The mindstoms could then also be used as a simulation tool for the Hako or other robots.


There is a ROS-NXT pack that uses a lot of interesting functions. It could be cool to control the mindstoms with a combination of ROS and SMRCL.

Plugin based MRC

Change/update the MRC so it is plugin-based like the rest of MobotWare. Fx. Motioncontroller so it is easier to implement different kinematic modules.

SMRCL IDE/Debugger

The idea is to write a script and execute with rhd/mrc/stage. It should have the debug functions:

  1. step in to
  2. step over
  3. breakpoint
  4. run to breakpoint
  5. run
  6. pause
  7. stop
  8. feedback on variables

use scintilla as editor, functions for editor:

  1. SMRCL syntax highlighter
  2. autocomplete
  3. code snippets

load scripts from files would also be a good idea.

maybe just syntax highlite for Notepad++/gedit plus below

maybe as a ide for eclipse -

Debugger/Program tester

Include debugger where you can test differnt commands

A GUI program where you can select the commands, create a script and chose when to execute each command.


Include default configs for simulating with MobotWare

SMR-CL interpreter for ROS

Make it possible to control all Frobomind robots with SMR-CL.

Manual For MobotWare

Create a manual so alot of people can use MobotWare, and also create plugins for it.

Keep the sourcecode closed but open the API for plugins.

Implement software development tools For MobotWare

  • XDDP
    • Spec
    • feature matrix
  • SPL
  • Ticket/project management
    • Traq
    • Trac
  • SVN
  • doxygen
  • dokuwiki/mediawiki

website the can integrate the spec that tsuneo is talking about, along with doxygen, wiki and management like git or Trac

Tsuneo is also working on a tool.

Implement MobotWare on Hortibot,…

and maybe other robots at SDU

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