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Start Procedure

  1. Plugin the 30A fuse by the batteri in the engine
  2. Plugin the 10A fuse for the CPU (to the right of the controlpanel, on the wooden plate)
  3. Turn the Hako key forward to turn on the Hako. It is kocated on the rightside panel on the controlpanel.
  4. Switch on the 12 VDC (Switch in the bottom left corner of the controlpanel).
  5. Switch on the 24 VDC (Switch in the bottom left corner of the controlpanel).
  6. Switch on the wireless e-stop unit.
  7. Check that there are no errors in the safetysystem. The Safety System is locate on the opposite site of the control panel on the tractor.
  8. Wait 5 sec. then press the Safety System Reset button (black button next to the 24 VDC switch). You should now hear the safetyrelay switch on. If you don´t hear it check the safety circuit, bumper an e-stop buttons, and try again.
  9. Press the GBX Safety Reset button to the left of the key. When pressed it should light red.CVT neutral should light green
  10. Enable control circuit on GBX, turn the little key in the grey box below the dashboard.
  11. Turn the switch on the GBX to “Start”. Start enabled and Fuel enabled should light green.
  12. Turn the Hako key forward to preheat the engine, do it for 8 sec. Check that the orange icon is lit in the dashboard.
  13. Press the green clutch button and hold it down until the engine is started. Press the Hako key in, and turn it forward, the starter should now turn on and start the engine. If the engine has run out off diesel the last step must be repeated several times. Maybe as many as 30-50 times.
  14. Turn the switch on the GBX to Remote to control the Hako with the remotecontrol, turn it to Automatic to start the driving in automatic mode.
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