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Armadillo Scout

Control the Armadillo Scout with WiiMote

  1. Press one or more of the four emergency stops on the robot. This is to ensure that Armadillo Scout is safe while it is powered on.
  2. Turn on the main switch on the robot.
  3. The FroboBox on board computer should power on automatically and the network should also start automatically.
  4. Connect to the Frobobox using ssh see Connect to Frobobox via Wifi.
  5. Run the command: roslaunch fmCore armadillo_scout.launch
  6. When FroboMind is running, release all emergency stops and press the green button. There sould be a audible 'clonk' sound from the grey box, and lights on the two blue RoboteQ controllers should come on.
  7. Press button 1 and 2 simultaniously on the Wii remote to enable its BT discovery mode. There sould be rapidly blinking lights in one or more of the blue LED's on the Wii remote (the number of blinking lights indicate the wiimote's battery level).
  8. The Armadillo can now be operated by holding down button 'B' while gently tilting the wiimote.
  9. Press the 'A' button to increase the speed. Don´t use the 'A' button until you are sure you can control the robot.
  10. Be careful! its a powerful vehicle!

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