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Armadillo Scout

Safety Guidelines


Safety guidelines for the use for the development of autonomous vehicles

  1. Safety takes the highest priority and is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that no harm comes to people or property.
  2. The Hako tractor should not be operated in automatic steering mode unless two people are present. They are the operator and the safety officer.
  3. Only designated Operators shall operate the tractor and no unauthorized person shall start, switch modes or otherwise interfere with the tractor. Designated Operators are: Hans Werner Griepentrog, Claes Jaeger-Hansen.
  4. The role of the safety officer is only to ensure safe conditions and have no other responsibility. The safety officer will always be equpped with the wireless emergency stop switch. If the safety officer feels that an action or operation will be unsafe then that action or operation will not go ahead until their concerns have been addressed. Any competent person can be the Safety Officer.
  5. The tractor will only be operated in automatic steering mode in open areas and no closer to fixed objects than emergency stopping distance allows.
  6. No one is to stand in front of, or behind the tractor while starting, changing modes or operating in automatic modes.
  7. The Operator will not interact with the tractor while it is moving, apart from through the Remote Control Box. No person (including the operator) will come within 1m of the tractor while it is moving.
  8. Designated Operators are: Hans Werner Griepentrog, Claes Jaeger-Hansen. They should all obtain the same skills for route-planning and for operating NAVigation Computer and vehicle as such by working as a team. Developments in any kind should be discussed and informed to the designated operators.

User Manual

System Overview

Pictures And Movies

Building Process - Here are some of the pictures from the building process.

Arrival - Pictures just after the robot arrived.

Details - Pictures of details after arrival.

Modification . 02.16.2012 - Pictures of modifications done after first test run.


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