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Windows Computer Guide

Using Putty, what is a terminal

Logging in to the robot

starting the programs

Linux Computer Guide

Logging in to the robot. To log in to the robots computer, we will have to use a command called 'ssh'. if you dont know what ssh is, read this page Instead of [IPaddress] write the correct IP for the computer. Currently it is:

Username@PCname:~$ ssh local@[IPaddress]

Then you will se a screen like this:

Starting the MobotWare

Now that we have access to the robots computer, we will need to start the programs that runs the robot. These are called RHD, MRC and Hakoclient. Follow the instruction here on how to start the programs.

turn the switch on the GBX to automatic and then back to manual mode.

Using the applet


Make sure you give the applet acces to your computer. Add these lines to your java.policy file.

Start the applet

Now that the programs are running, we can now make a missionfile for the robot. Go to your default browser (Firefox, Chrome or Safari) and press in this webaddress: <code> IPaddress <\code> You might notice that I wrote IPaddress, this is because you have to enter the same IP address as you used to log in to the robots computer. Currently Then you will have a screen like this:

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